Modern Computer-assisted Scholarship
In ancient times, if a scholar wanted to count the number of uses of a word in a document it would be a boring and laborious task indeed! A scribe slave might be assigned such a task, and might spend months reading every word in the text in order to count the words. The slave had to be careful.  If the number were in doubt, the slave might be put to death!  This was the nature of scholarship in ancient times: Slow, tedious, labor intensive and dangerous!  The only people who were allowed to publish were the nobility.

A few trusted scribes were used to translate or perform menial tasks and these slaves were often killed after a work was completed. This was done to maintain security. Ordinary people, free or bond, were not permitted to publish books. We take it for granted that anyone has the right to publish. In ancient times only the privileged classes had that right.

These days we have a different, more humane kind of slavery. Wage slaves use computing machines to do the grunt work. Now we can search and compare with lightning speed.

The internet makes Bible keyword searches possible, so things that were hidden to the average person are now visible and obvious. It is sad that we have been fooled by the Romans for centuries, and now must face the facts. The Romans played with enslaved peoples' minds, and left this mess for future generations to clean up!

Study the information on these pages. Are these observations merely coincidental? Decide for yourself! If you want to search an online bible to verify any of the references, the King James Version is available. There is a lot of information here, some of which is quite complicated. If you read carefully and digest it you may find that it gives you a lot to think about, and you may not look at the world the same way ever again in your life! Please try to keep an open mind, and feel free to use the feedback form at the bottom of the home page to ask questions or make suggestions.